Good afternoon. If you are alive then you should be very happy. You should feel blessed that you can breathe another 24 hours. There are many people who haven’t.

If I sound a little stern this blog it’s because I’m very sick of seeing my brothers and sisters shot down by racist, under trained, low life cops who can’t seem to get out of their diseased racial blindness. Patrick Lyoya was murdered execution style by a weak ass coward who was working as a cop that day. If you want to go see the footage for yourself you can easily find it. The Grand Rapids MI, police released the tape just yesterday but the incident was a few weeks back. So we see the strategy for to long and it’s fuccin enough now.

So Babylon knows how this works. Before the footage gets out hide the cop and his family, and get the story changed as much as possible even though we have clear footage from a person who was driving by. Thank Jah he was placed there to capture it. Let’s be real a little struggle, the cop has Patrick’s back and has him on the ground. No threat, he’s resisting but nothing to the matter of life threatening. He could have got his arm in a lock, but the pig is to weak. He could have got him on the ground and used about 25 moves to de-escalate the situation, but the pig isn’t “trained.” He could have stood up let the guy up, draw down on him and if he ran then he runs call back up find him and he lives you go home, but the pig is to racist.

It’s clear the question we keep asking, if Patricks name was chad, and he was from the good old suburbs, would he have been killed? He wouldn’t even have had a struggle. Mind you this traffic stop started with bad tags. Simple fine or warning and we aren’t even talking about this.

I’ve dealt with racist pigs all my life. I try to stay alive on every interaction. I’ve protested, I ve spoken up and nothing happens. Where’s the protest? It’s not important anymore there the pandemic is over. Where’s the truck convoy? Forgot they making their way to DC even though everything is back to normal, but your fighting for everyone right? I even see people that are close to me that I see daily, it’s clear don’t and never will give a fuc. Who does? The real do. I see you I feel you. But this fight isn’t over. I’m here for the long haul to. Rest in Power Patrick. Tell everyone up there I love them and we not going to stop. Atleast I won’t.

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