Pea Protein and it’s Benefits.

Happy holidays. If your reading this and you are an avid cannabis user you know what time it is. Remember to keep your herb as clean as possible. One of the daily supplements that I take is Vega Protein which it’s base is actually peas and vegetables instead of whey and here’s why.

Growing up playing College and Professional football, weight was always an issue. Rather gaining or maintaining, it felt like whey protein was shoved down our throats. I remember the old school days where we were hopping from health store to health store to find the best protein. Nevermind the fruits, vegetables, and even nuts that add the same and if not more naturally. We unfortunately did not have the knowledge or awareness to explore these better options. I remember putting whey protein in water or milk and mixing it up in a cup. Three of those a day. I didn’t do much but naturally through work ethic I was able to always meet my goals.

Fast forward to now and the truth is out. Whey was never good for one’s stomach. I also don’t believe that whey or animal protein is that good for you unless it’s clean fish or maybe chicken. Even then I suggest looking more into your vegetable intake. Kale has more protein then a steak and it’s clearly the more healthier option.

I was introduced to pea protein in 2017 and I immediately got angry. I felt so good, the muscle gain had more validation. It felt more genuine if that makes sense. It definitely sustained muscle way more then any whey I took. The digestive traits work as well no more stomach rot at all. I was angry because we needed this years ago !

Natural plant protein is just better. No doubts about it. I don’t want anyone to feel a certain way if you still depend on meat as your protein intake. But think of this. Cow gets his protein from grass, then humans eat cow to get “protein”. Or what if you got your protein from peas, sunflower seeds and peanut butter or pistachios. That plant protein is directly sourced from the earth , not from another living creature. I’ve done both and trust me it’s extremely different. The energy is high and the benefits are real. Give it a shot and as always if you have questions feel free to contact me.

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