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Patience is a Must

Happy Tuesday to the real. I hope everyone is safe and sound today. If you have food shelter and clothing just know you are truly blessed beyond words. I was up pretty early and it was little hard for me to come up with something to write. There are days where it can be hard to find a subject but its worth it for the people who depend on my writings every day. I wanted to dive into the importance of patience in all aspects of out lives.

Its hard I mean very hard to be patient. I have learned this over the years in a major way. But its a universal test to build us in the proper head space we need to be when our time comes. Sometimes we don t even know what we are waiting for be we know its coming. I for one have to focus on this so much. There are times I will go in and write an amazing blog and only get 5 people to read it. Then ill do one and 30 people read it, the subject sometimes doest even matter. So patience with consistency can only lead to a result that is goal oriented. Discipline is also a true must. We have to have it in order to not give up when things become difficult.

We need to know that are time will come right on time. Stay focused, forget the outside noise. Stive to be better daily.

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