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pain is love from the universe

Happy hump day to the real. We are half way through the week and I'm hoping everyone is having somewhat of a great week. Try to always appreciate the little things we all go through. We also need to observe the little accomplishments that we have everyday and not take them for granted. I wanted to talk about how pain is temporary and will build us into the amazing human beings that we where meant to be.

Going through trauma, hurt or pain can be serious. There are times when it just keeps coming and we don't know why. But when we set back take a deep breather and observe, we fully understand what the lesson is. I read a self help book that described our thoughts as a flowing river. In order to get control of the river and stop it from wildly flowing we have to take ourselves out of it to a higher point so we can see the whole perspective. We can control our emotions when we are on the bridge over the river observing then if we where in the river flowing out of control. I seem to do this very often. I get quiet sit back and let the universe guide me in my decision. Take the lesson as added weight and know that eventually I will rep this out like all the other mental exercises. Its not about being tough. But building that toughness can be key. Get the mental grit in you and know that trouble doesn't last.

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