One day at a Time

Happy Tuesday to all. I hope everyone is blessed. I had a long productive weekend on Territory with my family from Tyendinaga. If you know then you know. When you leave there sometimes you need a few days to recover lol. But overall I love my family and love seeing them even more. Today I just wanted to be quick and talk about taking everything one day at a time.

I know for a fact that I can overthink. It’s a survival type of tactic. It’s really as if we just don’t want to get caught off guard by Worldly situations. Bills, work, food, relationships: it all seems like a big bowl of drama. On the contrary it can be a bowl of love if it’s cooked right. Organization is key. I’ve learned all of this in the past year or so especially. If people only knew what I went through and still fight for, you have no clue how I’m even walking with a smile.

It’s because the faith in the Most High. Flat out. But also making small goals that I know I can achieve and sticking to it. Not easy goals but more holding yourself accountable for your actions and never letting yourself settle. Again I preach this but stay consistent. One day at a time, maybe even hour at a time, but trust in yourself and of course The Creator.

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