New Month Same Grind

I want to wish everyone first off a happy Indigenous history month. Look out for some blogs this month that put a spotlight on my Native Cousins and their amazing accomplishments through all the Babylon fuccery. I have a few powerful souls that I will be writing about that I even know personally. I’m looking forward to it and hope you are as well.

Today I wanted to talk again about mental health in strong men and how we again need to heal inside and out. The tougher we are the more we seem to not express ourselves emotionally. We are told that it’s more of a feminine trait and to stop crying like a girl. These thoughts are embedded in us at a very young age. So we grow up with this false narrative that all we need is to toughen up and our problems will get handled. So we become recluse in our own world. We try to deal with everything entirely and even privately. Our trust also becomes low in the sense of telling anyone our problems or how we feel.

By the time we know we need help we are possibly in our late 50 s. Doing this takes tole on our mind body and soul. So many of us think it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help. When on the contrary it actually takes way more strength to ask for it and then apply the Knowledge to real life. Me and many of my inner circle have all done things to better our health. Rather it be seeing a psychologist, self help books, getting healthy inside and out, channeling your energy into yourself getting better, or all the above: it’s better to do something then pass to Zion early just by being stubborn to yourself.

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