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Good morning to everyone. Love for all who has love for all. Its Monday and a new week to be great and progress. Its been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster the past few days I will say. I felt closer to my Buffalo NY family We been through so much and I m going to write again about that Buffalo NY grit that is in all of us. We are a tough bunch I promise you. That helps us on the way fully. We can stand together and know that we are not alone in our struggle. Today I wanted to be positive because the Sun is finally out and hasn't been out at alll this year. Just some simple words of encouragement.

Never let anyone change who you are or break you. People can be evil. Flat out. They can end you then stomp on you when your down. They will even watch you and prey on your demise. Some people catch you in a vulnerable state and think thats who you are to the core. But when you stay silent and build yourself on action, they cant take it and then become obseesed with seeing you do bad. If that doesnt motivate you everyday to do better just to make them sick, then do it for yourself. Dont change your love, just learn how to guard it better. Dont become spiteful to everyone, but keep your cirlce tight. Lastly dont listen to anyone but the voice inside of you. Only you can make yourself happy. There will always be snakes and vultures in the area. Keep your blade sharp.

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