Nazarene Oath

Happy hump day to all. Hope your week is staying productive as possible.  We are into the fall season so make sure you continue to get sun if you can and increase your herbs asap it’s going to get nasty out there. Today I was I inspired to talk about something in the Rastafari lifestyle called the Nazarene Oath. Some of us take it very seriously, some just do it because everyone else has . Me personally I was Rastafari before the oath. But making this promise to myself and the most high solidified my journey.

On a basic level, the Nazarene comes from a Hebrew perspective. It was taken by many profits as a sign of sacrifice for the most high. It included loc growth also a burnt or Animal offering. In the Rastafari since we have taken it for many reasons. One, is to denounce the world systems who discriminate against hair which mostly attacks black people. Two,  is to show and bring back the traditions that history likes to avoid. The oath back in the day was supposed to only last one month, however we have taken it to “for life “ level. With that being said I’ll never cut my hair as long as I’m in this planet and I hope it grows to the floor and beyond!

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