Mr. Tap Dance West

Happy Tuesday to the real. It’s a new day to start a new beginning. Make sure you continue to keep the grind on overload as always.  Keep your integrity as well in all aspects. One person who I’ve watched for almost a decade now is a celebrity by the name of Kanye West. His recent comments and his overall take on real black issues is alarming to say the least that I have to speak on it.

I’m not a fan and haven’t been since 2010 when he started calling himself “Yeezus”. I remember the fly college drop out that had all the kids buying Louie back packs . When his mom passed it was like a switched happened. Fast forward to now and he’s done numerous things to troll or hurt the black community. Recently made a statement in an interview that stated George Floyd didn’t die by a cop murdering him with his foot on his neck but by fentanyl. The platform he announced this recently took the interview down after getting all the views and backlash. The damage was done already.

My take is that we as society allow this spoiled Uncle Tom coon face pussy to then still

Operate without recourse. He went into soul food restaurant the next day and had dinner while the black owners took pics. We as black people are so broken and divided that money covers all integrity. We are the only ones that allow our own to say whatever and they still can walk around freely.

I’m not that type. This man could offer me 10 million to sign right now I would tell him donate that money to the family you hurt with your comments and get away from me before I punch those plates out your face. Enough is enough. What Fuc face west doesn’t understand is that one day you have to see your ancestors and most importantly your mother. You may not care now, but the time will come and none of us will help you.

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