Moving Forward

Good day and blessings to all who tap in. I appreciate that from the heart. Each and every reader gives me so much motivation to continue to grind for the right reasons. For this motivation I truly thank you from the heart. These blogs that I do honestly are therapeutic to my soul. Today I want to talk about moving forward with your trod no matter what mistakes or regret you might have had in the past.

There’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t think about my past football career. I miss it from the heart. I stay in the best shape possible currently, so that requires the same mindset that I had even when I played; and that’s to work hard even if no one else is. The faith that you can persevere through it all and then to see the results is a Zion like feeling. But I had to get over the heavy regret that I had everyday. The chance that I had and not to be as focused on mind body and soul as I am now during that time can bring on serious depression.

Every time I see the innovation in workouts, footwork and nutrition I think, “man if I just did that back then.” But see how that mindset is literally impossible? We didn’t have the same knowledge, awareness or even motivation at all. I couldn’t get access to vegan meals or even have the knowledge as to why I would have made that choice. I could have worked out perfectly, then tore up everything through a freak injury. Could of , would of , should of Is bull shit. I was literally trying to drive forward while looking in the rear view mirror.

I’m here, in this present time, and the Most High sees it fit that this is where I need to be, then I follow that code. Doesn’t mean to be a sheep. I can’t and won’t tolerate human sheep. You people are dangerous. Haile Selassie the king of kings stated that you are “… like a ship in the ocean with no sail.” No foundation, no tenacity for life, no passion to do the right thing. We must stand firm yet let the aura flow freely. We are in control of what we can control. But the creator will continue to create for our future. We must be ready. So keep your eyes on the life road at all times.

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