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Good morning to the real. Hope you all are having a great start to your week. I love when the Sun is out even when its cold as shit. Ill take it for right now in anyway I can for awhile there it looked like The Sun wouldn't come out until May. Its been a productive couple of days I will say so sorry for not writing on Friday. Sometimes I like to take a break for a day to continue to be consistent when it comes to writing. Today is a great Holiday in the States that I use to enjoy but it also marks a lot of emotion as well. Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. I just wanted to express what he means to me personally.

I don't have to go into his works and the fact that he gave his life to free his people. If you don't know I would suggest you do real research as facts have come out more and more over the years since technology has improved. I remember doing my first report on him as a child. Even then in the early 80s it was still a huge racial undertone to the people I reported this to. See Martin was fearless. He stood hand to hand and kept the faith in that we will attack with love and dignity. Non violent was the way to go and give them no choice but to accept us and treat us equal. However toward the end of his life he knew that he had been backstabbed into thinking that was the way to go. He was quoted of thinking he has lead his people "into a burning building ..". The government took his approach and spun it around to ultimately not do much for our movement. The love you to death theory didn't work and before he died he knew it.

He to me is the last of the Love, Care Bear vibe, Black Men left. We always stated, less Martin more Malcolmn, less Marley, more Peter Tosh. Babylon doesnt care about love or doing the right thing. This is about supremcy keeping the foot on our neck to keep us oppressed. Not understanding that if we wanted to avenge everything we would have done it already and this not even the nature of an African at all. But what you did during the Trans Atlantic Slave trade is crazy. The people who made it where the strongest of the strongest. You then bred us and enslaved us for 426 years. Then set us free and told us to go back. We built this bitch brick by brick. No African Nation has opened its borders yet. Ghana has recently made an effort but we all know its not that easy. MLK was the last human who you will take advantage of. We will never forget his work, his speech, his drive, and his life. But for me its a reminder that love will get you killed. Keep the fight , but know this isnt about love this is about what is right.

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