Militant Mindset

Greetings to all and hope your having a great start to the week. We are in the seasonal transition time so make sure you listen to your body when it speaks. Our outlook should be different as well. We now know that self sufficient avenues are the road we must take. With that being said it requires a militant mindset to accomplish this fully.

Militant mindset definition to me is summed up in a few words; discipline and consistency. For instance getting in better shape takes both. You need discipline to stay consistent and literally to be consistent you need discipline, overstand ? What I’ve learned in my trod is to apply these same characteristics into every day life. We all become consistent as hell when we have that guarantee, but what about the unknown? There are tough moments when you want to go after something better, change your life, innovate your surroundings, but you can’t see the end result at the time. This is when the militant factor sets in.

Humble and hungry is a principle I try to stand on as much as possible. Humble enough to listen to anyone and putting yourself no higher than anyone else either. Hungry enough to know what I deserve and to go after it no matter the cost. Militant discipline is definitely required in this stage. To see things that you observe that you can address yourself, and then to stay silent instead of exposing can be difficult. However to channel that energy into your own self-work is the real way of staying humble and hungry.

Arming our mind body and soul is so essential. I’m really careful what I feed my mind especially and who I surround myself with. Staying away from toxic vibes that continue to bring you down is so key. No one deserves to be told on a daily basis how horrible they are especially when they are grinding for a change every moment they can. We are all trying to live great lives, but to arm ourselves for the next level we have to turn it up on all basis.

I’ve been through so much and still going through it. But if your reading this just know you are appreciated by someone. There are people watching you wanting you to fail, but there are spirits that have your back. Keep your mindset on militant. It they aren’t riding with you then they can ride somewhere else. It has to be a 100% not 99.999999% either. You don’t need anyone but yourself. You can make it. Trust me I’m talking to myself here to. I’m right with you. Time for the real to take back what’s ours. Freedom. Love. Peace.

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