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Militant Dedication

Happy Friday to everyone. I hope your week was productive and blessed as always. It’s been a real ride already this year. Today I just wanted to be brief and give a little motivation to everyone reading. The definition of Militant Dedication is pretty self explanatory. It’s holding yourself accountable to yourself in all aspects and never folding in those principles.

I keep it fully transparent when it comes to things like working out. I definitely don’t expect everyone to have the same dedication as I do at all. But the level of discipline it takes to workout 5 days a week at 6am and also invest money and time for no other reason then to better yourself : takes a certain breed. But it’s not all about working out. I want to be very clear about that. This is really about getting up and staying consistent in everything you put your mind to.

I’m an athlete so it’s almost a must that I go hard in the gym. But let’s say your a teacher , and you need to get up daily no matter what life brings you. Good teachers will channel all that emotion that has nothing to do with the people they are teaching and recycle it into a learning experience. That also takes a certain breed as well.

So in the gym, classroom, or any work we have a passion for, we must continue to stay consistent with that militant mindset. I never thought I would read 10 books by mid year or stay consistent in the gym for this long without a long break. But You look up and you have accomplished so much without knowing it. You are now on militant mindset auto pilot. It’s time now to keep it going and see what other mountain we can climb.

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