Men. We need to stop and Heal. “Suicide rates increasing amongst men and higher for men of colour”

Jah blessings always and give an honour to The Creator for another week. I thank you for taking the time out to read another reasoning. I hope every single person reading this will take some food and digest it mentally. We all need some serious healing even if we don’t feel the pain right now. This reasoning will discuss suicide rates increasing during the pandemic times especially amongst men of colour. No one has talked about the sharp increase in our communities and how it is ravishing our family structure and ultimately our next generation of souljah’s.

I was able to look up some serious statistics on my overall viewpoint and it reminded me of what I already know. According to Rob Whitney of CBC news; “ figures show that overall suicide rates dropped during the pandemic, but increased for young adults and people of colour.” To understand the why is a deep yet simple answer. The actual numbers I decided to not report because they are that shocking. In my culture we are pretty much told to tough it out. We where actually made fun of at first by even our own to just “toughen up, go drink, go pop a pill, read a book maybe but your fine your a man!”That was totally and truthfully the wrong approach.

Let’s start with the basics of how we are set back just by sometimes being from or living in our communities. Education was always tougher or received less funding then “certain” schools. Even In Canada it’s the same wave. Men ages 25-34; 9 percent have never graduated high school. Putting them behind the ball and forced to take certain employment that ultimately may not even show there true talent or passion. Last year in North America out of the suicide rate, 75 percent where made up of men from the ages of 17 to even 59. There is something serious going on.

The why is also simple. I can run down the generational PTSD that is past down from the womb causing mental instability from jump. Our historic up bringing or mass genocide that has our family unity broken to pieces. And how the systematic racism that is getting better at fooling people as like it disappeared when in reality it’s just hidden astronomically. We also again have no clue how to heal. We don’t ask for help because that’s a sign of weakness. We don’t open up because we don’t trust that it wont be used as a weapon ultimately against us. So we hold it in which makes us internally sick.

There is no real solution to this because each individual has their own path and mind so for us to all say there is one Medicine that can cure this isn’t accurate. However to be better, to not hurt yourself and I especially not others, we have to work on our soul, our mind, and our body. The soul can come from reading self help books. I’m really into “ The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awarness” by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis. Your lifestyle or religion is up to you. But it’s important to identify what you believe stand firm on it, however listen and don’t judge others for what they might practice as well. You might not understand or overstand that we are very similar in our belief system. Physical growth is for everyone personally again. I feel though it is necessary especially us as men to have some sort of regiment that keeps us healthy and makes us stronger. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!

All in all we also need to take it day by day . We also need resources that are ready for us to be put on display so we know there even available! We have places in the GTA fortunately like BIPOC that has a suicide prevention center that’s ready 24 7. And also the SAPACCY that has a black health alliance program and a hotline you can call for help at (416-535-8501). And I offer myself. You can always reach out to me on social platforms if you ever feel like your going to end it. I’ve been there many times even recently. Just know your valued Men: we are needed, and don’t let anyone try to kill you for who they think you are. You know and ultimately the most high knows and with that combo you can live another day and forever.

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