Marcus Garvey. Rastafari Series Pt 3.

If you woke up today give thanks ! It’s a new day, a full moon and it’s another chance to start over. The knowledge of self is so important in the healing process. Black Americans require so much of this therapy from years of loosing our great leaders during a time when we needed it most. Today’s Rastafari series we talk about our modern day John The Baptist , Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Born in the lovely St Ann, Jamaica on August 17, 1887, it was evident he was going to be special from the moment he could walk. He was well seasoned in his early ages with his passion for trade unionism which bought him his first taste of unifying people to know their worth and demand better. He travelled to places like Costa Rica, England and back to Jamaica where he started the UNIA (UNITED NEGRO Improvement Association). He bought this program to Harlem , NY where he began to open the eyes of all of us in this Babylon ruled sector.

Garvey wanted to unify us back with Africa. With all the resources, land, and intelligence he began a separatists movement that called for us to trod back to our Native Continent. At the time other Black civil rights activists W. E. B Du Bois pushed for more racial integration, which separated Garvey from other freedom fighters. Garvey knew that we needed nothing, we have everything, and if they didn’t want to treat us as actually human beings here, then we will go get our crowns back in Africa. Garvey was president of the Black Star Line which started a migrating movement that was going to link Black Americans and Liberia. He marched through New York Streets and convinced us that we are a sovereign nation and we should act accordingly. You would see Pan African flags flying everywhere and my people dressed in prestige uniforms to give ourselves that confidence. We are a nation, we built this bitch, and you will give us what’s owed or we will go back to our motherland.

Garvey influence on Rastafari is something I can’t even put into words. He told our people to “look to the east..there is king in Ethiopia!” The coming of the king of all kings was magnified by Garvey’s voice. Many of our elders, and great leaders like the Honourable Louis Farrakhan, had parents where “Garvites”. He gave us the real identity wave. That reminder of who you are inside and out. We as Black Americans have been completely separated from our Native Land on purpose to take away the truth of who we are and how we have impacted literally everything on this planet.

Just like all of our leaders that connect us back to the truth and Africa, they attacked, lied and framed Garvey toward the peak of his movement. Deported him to England braking up his movement for the time being, but the seeds where already planted. I read Garvey every day. His words are more motivating then you can ever imagine. I feel like he’s talking directly to me in fact. His teachings are never outdated. His voice brings fire to Babylon immediately. Thank you Marcus Garvey. We will never stop pushing the truth that you opened our eyes to.

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