Little Jamaica: love it

Good afternoon to everyone it was a busy morning so I got a late start on writing. I hope you are still pushing through no matter what entity try’s to stop you. Because honestly they can’t!

I spent some time in a lovely part of town earlier this spring and my love for this place never left. The place is called Little Jamaica, specifically on Eglinton W blocc of the city of Toronto. I get a familiar home feel when riding through, pulling up , or events like The Heightened Chef at the Reggae Cafe. Seeing and meeting people who have either lived their all there life or raised there, I was able to really feel the street in a sense. The vibe, the flags, and the SMELL of good Caribbean food with music bumping on every corner: yo I never want to leave sometimes!!

Sad part about this is the good old Eglington construction is hampering the area like crazy. These places need to be seen abs easy accessible to the public and it’s enough now. They don’t do this in Brampton or any brown community let alone any cooperation that’s owned by Europeans. So please get it together.

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