Life Richness

Happy middle of the week to everyone. I’m loving this hot weather no lie. Stay hydrated, get outside when you can , enjoy the blessings of earth for real we don’t know when it’s our time to cross over into the new life.

I wanted to just discuss about what I feel is being rich. Now don’t get it twisted, Rastafari still believes in foundation building. Haile Selassie was very adamant about modernizing Ethiopia. That’s also why not ever Rasta has locs or a beard. We have to be smart in this world and the need to trust ourselves in our moments is very key.

But there is no better richness feeling then life. Being truly alive. Feeling everything. Not just content but fully satisfied with whatever Obstacle or blessings come your way. Rather its a lot of money or just enough so needs are met, it will get better and life has value that no one can take away unless ordained by the universe.

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