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Life Lesson Holiday

Happy Holidays to everyone. Whatever your celebrating this time of year I hope that you are safe, warm, and with food in your belly with more to come. Its the little things we have to be grateful for in times like this. I wanted to talk today about how I feel blessed to be alive and well even with the struggles I've had over the years.

Its been tough but at the same time what I battled through most wouldnt stand tall at all. Being lied about, fighting cases literally under that lie only for when the truth to come out and everything fully cleared , no one but the close ones where there to celebrate it. I've fought mental illness last year, being laid off by some people who made me move to their are only to backstab me in the end. I've gotten hate mail from people who don't even know that I know everything they do and could retaliate back with such vengeance that I would be looked at as a bully. Imagine not being able to defend yourself because you choose to hold yourself at a higher standard, but the enemy looks at you as weak.

This only did one thing and thats make me stronger fully. Like on another level mentally especially. We have choices to make when it comes to these life struggles. So from the heart to my enemies that still stalk me and read my post, even try to harass people close to me not knowing that the know the truth without me even saying one word, I say thank you. You where only added weight to my bench. Once I worked up the strength not only did I get you off me but Im now able to take on more weight with the help of the Most High. We are Gods, and no one can kill your spirit. Dont be fooled , defend when its necessary. And defend with power. Another year of lessons. But I dont talk about whats coming up. Keep watching you will truly see the rise of a true King.

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