Life is Precious / Coronation Day.

Blessings to all for real . Wish I could give you all a hug because it’s needed. I’m going to be real upfront this blog is kind of a rollercoaster but it’s always good for our mental journey.

We in the canna-fam lost a real one. My king Mike from the CCC tour family passed away this Monday morning tragically. I never met him in person but I felt like he was another souljah on the front line for cannabis on the other side of the country. His laugh was contagious as hell. His humour was dead on everytime. He always said hi or messaged back right away. Most importantly he supported me fully when the enemy tried to lie about me completely, he and the family where one of the people who stepped right up to defend me. I have an amazing bag that was sent to me amongst other items from him and the family that I truly feel honoured to have especially now. I never got the chance to tell him that the vegetable seeds he sent me added to the 1000 pounds of vegetables we grew and donated to the elders out in tyendinaga. I know now he’s watching over the real and I can’t wait to hug him when I see him again.  Love you Mike. See you in Zion king.

Today is also Coronation Day of the king of kings. On this day in 1930 Haile Selassie The first was officially crowned king of kings lord of lords and also revealed the clear lineage to King Solomon and Queen Sheba. It was a great day in Ethiopia and an even better day for all the black nation.  I’ll go into detail Tommorrow as we. But if you can burn sage, lay tobacco down or just smoke something for this week. Thank the most high for being alive and send guidance for mikes spirit .

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