Lesson learned

Happy Monday everyone . We are legit now with winter so continue to strive for greatness in mental and physical health. It’s been a tough weekend with the going home party for my King Mike. A lot of tears but I loved seeing how many lives he touched besides mine. He will live on forever and is always around us. Today I just wanted to talk about lessons learned from the past.

One of my biggest I’ll talk about is to ignore or stay silent when being attacked. I use to want to defend my honour, my brand or myself anytime someone said anything especially false. Then you realize who cares about you , who sees you everyday , who knows where you live and how you operate : they know the truth without you having to say a word . Anything said actually not even thrown your way and is ignored by them also. Sometimes when a person is barking up the wrong tree for months you let them. If someone takes time out of their day to try to mess with your energy when you haven’t done anything to them to provoke it, that’s fear in them. Some people fear your progression because they don’t want to see the actual karma that is coming for them doing you dirty. Sad but you can’t keep doing good people bad and get away with it. It’s a new day and everyone sees through the bull shit especially when you keep your behaviour consistent . So there no need to defend . It’s flattering at this point . Take it as a compliment. Kill them with class.

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