Kings! Time is Now

Good morning to the real . It’s freezing it’s snowing it’s winter , but fortunately we are built for this shit. I’m in shape for many reasons and one is to shovel and help any way I can. Being raised in Buffalo NY you become a pro very fast very young.  Keep yourself on 10 as far as health and bundle up. I wanted to talk about how it’s our time , and to not be confused by media or certain terms.

Men we are dying from suicide at alarming rates still. Especially in the Black community no one talks about this epidemic. Our generational curses have been passed down without the proper healing. We are needed more than ever. Our young ones are not being protected like they should and our women are being left for dead. We need the lions to step up .

I’m talking to myself here to. I’m never satisfied but same time I am grateful for everyday things . Shelter, food, clothing and safety. But my mind is always going . What can I do to help ? Who can I help ? Who needs assistance? It’s instinct and if it’s not in you then that’s fine get out the field. We can demand better from others but we better have a high demand for ourselves. Don’t fold on any principles. Lock it in and stand firm !!!

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