Killing Each other is what they want

Happy Thursday to the real. I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Please take a moment out to thank the universe for life. It’s very precious each day and even I realize it more and more. I talked about a real one I lost this Sunday but also wanted to talk about the tragic lost of the artist Takeoff from the group Migos. He was short and killed late night at a bowling alley in Houston.

Details are sketchy but as a black American I’m getting real tired of seeing my young kings get killed by our own. This is what the enemy laughs at. Needles to say the media also loves to report it. Black Death is a money making machine. It infuriates me they we don’t realize it.

What also frustrates me as our lack of unity. We can’t see our brother we can’t see our own people who came from the same place. So we are quick to shoot now not even fight it out.  In turn the enemy laughs at us. We hold all the cards to this entire empire and we choose to continue to divide our selves. The enemy doest have to infiltrate anymore  they can just watch us and it’s sad. When is enough enough ?

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