Keep Going

Good day and big blessings to everyone. I took a couple days off due to some transitioning and even had an eye issue that’s all cleared up. I thank the people who helped me out through all of this, you mean the world to me. Today I wanted to just give some motivation to everyone on this tough Tuesday.

“Keep going”, even to me can sound corny a little bit. Like when hearing some of the motivation that comes out, personally I can have resentment like “what do you mean , I am going it’s not enough! “ lol but to be real it’s more about staying consistent. Discipline to me is either in you or it’s not. And I’m not talking down to anyone when I say this l. I mean levels of discipline that can vary from how you treat your loved ones, to how you operate in your career, or how you build a foundation for yourself. We all have a passion or a drive inside of us that can trigger consistent discipline that will inspire change in our lives.

I’m talking to myself also when I think of this. Mentally I have displayed discipline through even the rollercoasters of life. And to stay on the optimistic vibe, I feel that we can all do the same. When I look back on what I’ve done just being consistent, I can say I’ve improved in all aspects. And that’s all I strive for is to get better a little daily. You can to. I suggest just picking a solid goal that you know you can accomplish and sticking to it. Rather it’s read a book, find a solid hobby that feeds your mind, donating your time to the land , anything ; just stick to it and stay consistent.

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