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Karon Blake-13 years of age shot unjustly

If you are alive and well then take a deep breathe right now. You feel that? That's life breathing in and out of you. You should feel blessed to be alive and even have the capacity to be better. I m a little vexed this morning as I'm getting more details about this event. Im getting tired of reporting this stuff. But someone has to continue to spread awareness while others who look like me say nothing. Why? Because it happens a lot? Its not trendy. A life lost is nothing to be silent about.

Karon Blake, 13, was a quiet scholar , who was described as a good person , who loved football, had great grades and fashion. He was shot and killed by a New England person , or lets call them who they are, murderers, while apparently "breaking into cars". Karon who is in 6th grade , was not on this mans property , was not damaging anything, and even if he did do any of this did not deserve to have his life taken. As an American, I don't fuc with New England. Period. As a black American especially its always some fishy racist shit going on, They havent arrested this man at all and continue to hide his identity.

I'm furious but I'm more mad at the silence. I'm really getting tired of being the only one up here spreading this awareness. But that's ok. The Quran teaches there is punishment for being a coward. You have no faith in the most high that he will protect you? Stand up say something! What the fuc is this? I'm talking about my own black organizations to claim to ride. We have a lot of work to do. So fuccing get to it.

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