Jesse Owens : Watts Riots No Games Played in the Black Nation

Good day to everyone we at the Friday Eve and it feels good to be alive ! I hope everyone is feeling just a little better then yesterday and if your not I’m sending you some vibes right now as I write. It’s been a journey through life but I have been blessed to travel all over the world including places like Germany and California. My nation has so much history and today I wanted to talk about 2 major events that happened today.

Jesse Owens was an amazing black track athlete who showed pussy ass Hitler and the Nazi regime in the 1936 Olympic that there was nothing superior about their German Race they where trying to create. He won 4 Gold medals in the great Olympia Stadium in Berlin. I was blessed to play NFL Europe Football in the same exact stadium in 2007. I knew where I was playing back then and felt so privileged to do so. Hitler wanted to kill Jesse but of course knew that wouldn’t go over well. He was ranked as one of the best athletes ever and to top it off being black in the 30 s. He represented the USA then came home and couldn’t go to certain restaurants, schools or hotels . Let that sink in for a moment.

On another note fast forward about 30 years and we are now in the fight back stages of black civil rights. Let’s shift to California, Los Angeles, Watts neighbourhood to be exact. It all took place on a night where a 21 year black man was pulled over for drunk driving in the area. After failing the sobriety test he resisted with his mom on scene who wanted to help him and he was hit in the face with a baton. The fire really started when a pregnant women who was on scene watching was then kicked in the stomach by the police and she was 7 months into it. The tension had been high for years and enough was enough. It wasn’t a riot, more like and uprising. The police actually purposely refused to come and handle it basically saying let the kill themselves. The moment the riots almost reached white suburbs then the national guard showed up. The damage was done and 1032 injuries , 34 deaths and over 3000 people arrested. It was a horror scene but my people had enough. Ironic the Rodney King riots started the same way at the same place 30 years later.

I love being black. I do. We are built different and have gone through so much that no one can tell me that we can’t overcome anything. Take time to research these stories. I promise you the mental food is worth it.

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