Jah Reminder : Life is Short

Happy Tuesday to all. Hope everyone is accomplishing everything thing they can this week despite any difficulties. It’s been a time period I feel where sudden deaths of people we may know or know of are happening a little more often then expected. This to me is Jah reminding us that a true blessings is waking up and making it  home to your place everyday.

Rest in Power to Elias Theodorou. I’ve heard of this man for years. We never met but he was frontline with the cannabis education for athletes. He was ranked 13th in the UFC and held his own in Canadian leagues as well. He passed from liver cancer and I send prayers to him and his family.

PNB Rock was an artist out of Philly who was shot and killed in LA during a Robbery. He had young talent that had so much potential musically. He was just having dinner with the mother of his child during the shooting. It has shook up the industry again as it’s becoming clear that being in music can be dangerous.

If you think back the last 3 weeks death has hit the earth pretty hard but when you think about it , it’s not abnormal. Unfortunately in my life it’s pretty standard. From street to family getting older, it seems like I grew up going to funerals every few months. I’ve seen death face to face , but even I need a reminder to do everting today and go for it all if you can. Our time is limited and we need to continue to be the best we can be. No more wasting time on petty things . Some people need to realize that one day we all will perish . So you might want to focus on life then simple bull shit.

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