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Ital is Vital

Love and guidance to everyone tapping in. I hope that whatever obstacle may come up in your life that you know your from the universe and nothing can stop you. Sometimes as humans we indulge in “happy foods” to temporarily ease the pain or even add joy to our aura. However the over abundance of these actions can prove deadly. This why I want to talk about my personal vegan lifestyle decision, and why essentially, Ital is vital.

The definition of Ital can actually vary, but the base of this lifestyle is a vegan mentality. From my overstanding , this also connects the spiritual relationship with the organic foods we absorb. The actual I in Ital gives reverence to the Creator as you may hear some of use the term “ I N I”; which stems from the oneness between us as humans and The Most High. No meat or any dead creature is included in this sphere of course. The more disciplined Italist also practice clean food regimes such as; no salt , no preservatives or even colour flavouring in their foods type of diet. I have started my journey since December 29th 2017, That was my last Buffalo Chicken tender, and I knew it was over. My mind began to go into that understanding of what I was eventually going to do with my eating habits and it felt like it already was in auto-pilot mode stomach wise.

How I feel as oppose to before I can’t even describe in words. Sharper, more explosive, more flexible, hair growth like crazy, and I feel about 12 years younger than my actual age. I never thought I could ever go a day without meat especially. Athletes back then where told to eat nothing but whey, and or protein from meat or dairy products. By the grace of Jah we have more awareness at the tip of our fingertips to make and find vegan options that 10 years ago weren’t an easy purchase or find. So for me to say I wish I knew then what I know now is frivolous considering the availability of organic food which is actually a shame.

Please don’t think this is a judgement to any one who may eat meat. I would suggest if you can, and you can afford to, is to buy as clean as possible. The mass production of meat is fully detrimental to the environment and your body. This Ital call denounces government interaction in our food which in a sense is making the vegetables and meat we may purchase to a degree totally fake. Be careful what you ingest always especially mentally. Ital is also for the brain so even if you can’t stop eating a certain way ; try going ital in the mind by only ingesting positive and motivating energy. The cleaner we operate , the better we can move on this trod.

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