It’s ok to Put yourself first

The summer is here and I love this hot shit no lie lol. It’s in my blood I’m sorry but I truly come alive under the sun. I think of myself sometimes as a huge palm tree swaying in the sun just loving it! Please if you can stay hydrated. Not just water but you can hydrate through fruits as well. So stay on it and as always if you need advice on anything I’m here. Today I just wanted to talk about putting yourself first sometimes and how we as a society need to be ok with that.

I spent almost the last few summers trying to build a community around me. I remember it started during April of 2020. I was alone in the condo trying to connect as much as possible. I spent hours upon hours building relationships to people, advertising or helping out, most importantly putting people on more than even myself. I continued for almost a year and half. I was still able to accomplish a lot like dropping 2 albums, being apart of 3 podcast’s, community work on every level; felt good to grind to be honest. However this was a full lesson learned because it was all for literally nothing.

Out of maybe 20 25 people total out of this group, who by the way also where my nationality, which was even more of a reason I thought my goal was to unify, only 4 where legit. Without going into detail I clearly wasted my time, efforts and even money. It all came to fruition when the true colours came out. But it was the best lesson I ever learned.

I moved to small town and literally put my health, my career, my true family first. I didn’t fold on those principles. Now I am at much better place and it feels good to know that I needed only me and a tight team. It’s ok to say no or enough. It’s ok to fall back from those who never had good intentions. It’s ok to put yourself on first.

I’m closing you can be the captain of the squad and still get your points. We have to get to that level and mindset that once we become the best we can be, we can now be better for others and build that kingdom how it’s supposed to be built. It’s ok to put yourself on to what the universe has in store for you.

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