It’s About You

Happy Friday everyone. We made it to another sabbath and I truly give all praises to the most high. Some weeks are shorter then others but honestly just being alive at this point and being able to feed yourself is a huge blessing. I wanted to talk about putting you first in all aspects and how that is not a selfish tactic.

There’s a huge difference between selfish ambition and putting yourself first. The difference is someone who does literally everything with one goal in mind and that’s to benefit themselves and to also make them feel validated in their ways . Even down to the charity they may seem to have or when they seem to be doing everything for the right reasons . Ultimately it’s about them being able to look themselves in the mirror. Peel back that personality and it becomes a rotten onion. You will find these people to be shallow, extremely defensive, and seem to want to talk about themselves all day and boast about how they are.

Putting yourself first on the other hand doesn’t even need to be talked about. Getting up every morning with a militant mindset, keeping your health on a level you know will benefit you and how you even treat yourself and others, and doing charity not to stack up blessings but to spread love off instinct. That to me is the difference. You can put yourself first while still benefiting society in a major way.

Watch the ones who are selfish. Sometimes I stay silent but I’m deciphering every move that is made. At the end of the day all you have is you do make sure you take care of your body temple.

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