Irish Sea Moss

It’s a new day and a new chance to get better. Don’t let any toxic people or events change the way you continue to operate. Rise above always if you can. I want to thank everyone for always showing support. The motivation is real and it drives me daily to continue to give as much knowledge as I can. Today we are going to get into an amazing super food that we should all be taking regularly, and that’s Irish Sea Moss.

I personal have been blessed to take this on a daily basis. I will personally tell you that it makes a huge difference in my life period. I’ll list the benefits to start off with and then get to my personal experience, my apologies I get a little excited when it comes to this stuff lol.

Some of the basic benefits of Irish Sea moss include: filled with 92 minerals and nutrients that we need to take on a daily basis, helps lower cholesterol levels, lowers inflammation, suppprts immune system , better gut and digestive help, and finally the energy kick on this stuff is legit.

I’ve taken this for about a month straight now and I will tell you the difference is immediate. I felt so clear in all aspects including my eyes and thought process. It’s like the perfect supplement if you ask me. The iodine actually gives more oxygen to the muscles of your body which increases the energy and muscle gain. It’s a mucus killer as well so if you steam up the cannabis consistently then this is a must.

Be very careful of the source of course there are a few scammers out there. However it’s a non expensive vegetable that once it’s harvested gives off amazing yields. I suggest looking up directions for the gel and ingesting it that way. Great for shakes but also good on your skin to.

This is a life changing type of vibe if you really want my opinion. Helps with my memory retention and you feel overall focused on a whole different level. Thank you to the real ones that help me with the sea moss trod. It’s a daily helper right next to water. We need this !!! So go get it !!

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