Infinite Focus

Happy Monday to the real. Hope everyone had a productive yet relaxing weekend. I got some good work done myself music wise and I can’t wait to share with everyone who supports me. Today is game day for my bills so everything is hyped up and time is important. Even in the local schools in the South Buffalo area, they received a half day today so they can get home before the wave hits even though people are already there lol. I wanted to be brief though and talk about infinite focus.

It’s like tunnel vision. It’s a time of complete focus to which nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. No matter what or who tries to knock you off your path your eyes stay on the prize. To the point where your enemies don’t even know that your 10 steps ahead and you don’t even need to let them know how you are. Your goal is much more important. The people in your circle who see you daily, that’s much more serious then petty obstacles thrown your way. You just need to  focus on you and keep it private. Let the work speak for itself.

It’s hard to stay on it sometimes I know. But to keep your mind on go, just know faith is nothing without works. Self doubt can ruin your mental stability. Zone in and say Fuc it

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