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Indigenous History Month: Alice Lee Jemison

Blessings and guidance to all. I want to thank those from the heart rather it’s your first time or your 50th time reading my blogs, I want you to know I appreciate it fully. It’s my native cousins history month , so you know I got to bang for the pride! Since I was raised in the Buffalo NY area which is all Seneca Land, I figured I show love to the original owners of the area that I was raised in. I wanted to show love to Alice Lee Jemison, who was a Seneca political activist and even involved in journalism.

Alice Lee Was born in 1901 in then town of Silver Creek, NY, which isn’t to far from the Buffalo NY area. From a young age she had the passion to be involved politically and even judicially. Alice wanted to go to Law School but could not afford it. She obtained most of her experience while working in the Law Office of Robert Codd Jr. She graduated high school and began to financially take care of her mother and father. With various jobs like factory worker, beautician, dressmaker, theatre usher: all while still practicing journalism and still being heavily involved in the Seneca Community.

Jemison didn’t play around with her political fight. In the 1934 when the Reorganization Indian Act was introduced, she denounced it immediately stating it was a direct violation of tribal sovereignty. Six years later she fought against the Selective Service Act which tried to make Seneca‘s US citizens, in which she insisted this choice belongs to the Iroquois Confederacy.

Jemison went at Franklin Roosevelt administration numerous times. Reading more and more it seems that they where very annoyed by her actions. Even stating her objections where nothing more then baiting. However, it seems like the craziest people are the smartest. Years after she past to Zion it looks like she was accurate, not baiting. During her fight the government was doing all they can to conquer and control the native. How is she crazy for standing up for her own people and no letting Babylonians make the rules? Thank you Alice for standing up always.

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