Herbalist Serious Pt 4 Fenugreek

Thank you for checking in always much love and support from the real. If your reading this and you ever have any health questions, feel free to contact me anytime I’d be happy to help. Today we going into a herb that I take as well called Fenugreek.

Fenugreek actually looks like Cilantro from first glance. It’s been around for centuries. Historically based in parts of Galilee, it’s long been included in traditional dishes. You can find traces of the herb all throughout Egypt, India and even Morocco. In Ethiopia however it is used as a dietary supplement to help fight against diabetes. When you do your own research, you constantly here about how there is no “clinical “ evidence of its benefits. Of course Babylon works hard to promote more pills so why would they promote anything that can naturally help serious ailments?

Some of the benefits that can feel right away is pretty simple. Having healthy glucose levels keeps your body at a balance. So maintaining a good natural sugar level is very vital. I found that my sweet tooth cravings went down dramatically. For women who may be breast feeding, this herb can help increase the amount of milk that your body is processing for the betterment of the baby. For men there is also a vitality kick as it increases the health of your sperm count dramatically.

Investing in health is the wave. I have taken this for 3 months now. I feel that any natural supplement that helps with testosterone or vitality can slow aging and even reverse it. Making hair grow thicker, skin looks way more hydrated, and the effects in the gym are very apparent. If you ever have any questions please link me again ! Thanks for reading !

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