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Herbalist serious Pt 2. Turmeric!!

Today was a day to say the least. Distractions from the moment I stepped outside. This trod will never be perfect. I remember that every negative interaction is a learning experience and we grow from there. Thank everyone as always for tapping in. I hope your getting your mind body and soul together for this upcoming year. On todays herbalist series I dive into a great herb that i take daily, and that is turmeric!

Inflammation can get ugly. Literally can restrict movements and make it difficult to do daily activities. Turmeric is extremely potent when it comes to curing these ailments. I’ve had 2 ankle surgeries, and another on my knee. I’m actually more explosive now then when I played professional football. Turmeric helps keep that swelling completely down. I have taken this daily for about 3 months and it’s been a true blessing. I don’t think the average human understands how much inflammation they walk around with on a daily basis.

Turmeric also has detoxifying benefits as well. I personally didn’t have problems but definitely felt even better stomach wise because there was no bloating whatsoever. The active compound curcumin, also has been proven to help with heart health, prevents specific cancers from spreading, and helps with Alzheimer’s disease. Forget all those pills for real ! I recommend researching your brand as well to ensure your getting the organic and real material.

Investing in health is key even though Babylon does their best to prevent it. We sometimes have to sacrifice our wants for needs we may not feel right away. I’m on my 4th month of having a strict regimen and I promise I’ll never go back to where I was before. Mental and physical health is better then any tangible want that makes us feel good for only a matter of time. Let’s get back to what we know is true. We as a society have been blessed to be apart of the earth. This means the earth gives us all we need including how to heal. Let’s listen to our bodies and continue to open our eyes to what the most high has blessed us with.

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