Herbalist Series pt 5 Biotin

Jah bless and guidance to all. There is a little bug going around as we know it’s the start of allergy season. Make sure you kick it up a few levels with your help if you can and as always I’m here for any questions you may have. Today for the herbalist series I’ll dive into a vitamin that I take daily and that’s is biotin.

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is one of the B complex vitamins and that helps convert food into energy. The word “bio” in the biotin is actually Greek and the translation means “life”.

This is another vitamin that helps with type 2 diabetes as well which runs although the Black community. Another benefit for Woman is a healthy fetal development. During pregnancy, a woman can become biotin deficient during this stage.

When I started taking biotin I noticed right away is hair growth, healthy skin, and longer nails. The nails don’t benefit me but it’s a clear sign that it’s working in my system. My beard always feels a little fuller as well. The vitamin helps the liver which in turn keeps skin and hair healthy. There are some scams out there with this vitamin so my suggestion would be to really research the supplement that you use carefully.

All in all it’s worth the investment. Men if you have a patchy beard, on top of getting your health right, adding this to your health weaponry is essential. Women if you need an internal health kick for your hair, nails and skin then give it a go! Health is wealth and I’m truly remembering that everyday.

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