Herbalist series Pt 3 MACA

Another day on the grind. You have to enjoy it; all the good the bad and the ugly. Please if you can support my mixtape coming out on all streaming platforms this Saturday March 26th. If your here on my site, you can listen to it now by joining Cottreezy’s corner for free! Rastafari vibes always! Today for the herbalist series I’ll jump into one of my favourite supplements that I take regularly, and that is Maca!

Maca’s original origin is based out in the high elevations of Peru. It has been very popular amongst the indigenous communities in Brazil, but only recently has been bought out of the caves for its amazing benefits. Maca also belongs to the same plant family as that of broccoli, radish, and watercress. It’s rich with fiber, used as an aphrodisiac, and can even increase energy and fertility. These are just some of the quick advantages of taken maca regularly.

For men maca can be essential. It’s really good for our energy and stamina throughout the day. When you first research the plant, it seems to all be about sexual health. But you can overstand the basics hear. Building teststadterone for men, keeps hair looking full and healthy, and is even good for the skin are again some good reasons to take it regularly. For the queens, maca doesn’t disappoint either. It’s actually great for menopause symptoms and hormone balance!

I can tell a big difference over the past 3 months of using it. I suggest making sure for men, you invest in black maca mainly. I posted a picture of the products that I use. Organic Traditions actually grounds up 3 different maca ‘s into one which creates a super maca supplement. I put 2 teaspoons in my shake and the energy kick is almost immediate.

Investing in our health can be tough. But making that internal decision can increase your performance in everything you do and even save your life. Thank you always for reading and if you have any questions please contact me on the site whenever!!!

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