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Health vs Wealth

Salute to every single person reading and supporting. I really appreciate every single word, action, listen from the heart. It means so much to me. We are now into December and it’s getting tougher in the north. These are the times when we like to relax and enjoy the holidays but we have to continue to be sharp on our health.

During these times everyone seems to have a better attitude about things. Holidays, getting together with family, gift or helping out are all amazing things to do. To be honest holiday season should be all year. But here’s why we need to stay sharp on our health. January and February are the hardest months for anyone mentally. In fact suicides have been proven to increase during these times. It’s like we are at this ultimate high then after new years it’s over and it’s over for a lonnnng time. Weather stays harsh until about May, there’s nothing to really look forward to , and if you have maybe a resolution that has some hiccups it can really put u in that dark place we hate to be in. If anyone needs help on herbs to take our any mental or physical routines please reach out. Always here !

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