Harvest Season

Happy Tuesday to all and happy belated holiday. Yes my neighbourhood last night was lit up like a Christmas tree all day from fireworks so if you know you know lol. I wanted to share an experience that is very therapeutic to me on all levels and that’s harvest season .

Many farmers have a harvest every few weeks and most in the cannabis industry around my area only can have this a few times a year but a great time for it happens now especially for outdoor. When I get a trim call I get excited as all hell. It’s a time to one , help someone finish the hard work they put into the earth, and 2 watch what the world rewards you with. If you can overstand this concept. It speaks for all of us no matter if you haven’t planted anything. The work you put in the u universe the more yield you will receive. The Credible Mohawk Entertainment group I’m part of harvested over 1000 pounds of vegetables this year for the elders. Putting in work all summer and now was whole to give back. The blessings that come from these actions are infinite.

Hope you know it’s not all about planting but even mental seeds that grow give off yield. So if your toxic , breeding or planting toxic seeds into people you interact with, don’t be surprised come harvest season you got nothing but shit growing around you .

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