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Happy Indigenous Day: Salute to my Cuzzo’s

Happy Indigenous to all reading. I want to thank everyone lately for the love and support. It means a lot from the heart. Today is Indigenous day. My Cuzzo s day I call it. The reason is simple. As a black American me and the Native are connected and have been for centuries.

From the common enemy, to the displacement of our people, to the raping of our land and culture. I don’t think society realizes the effect you have done to the earth by your horrendous actions. See this Turtle Island ? This belongs to them. They know this land like the back of their hand. So when it comes to knowledge about the landscape, to the voices of animals, and especially the healing; The native is the only person we should be listening to.

Imagine a person coming to your home where you lived for decades. They tear down 90 percent of it , then tell you how to build it back they way want it and oh by the way they are moving you to a neighborhood that you will have to adjust to. Makes 0 sense but that’s what’s happening to this day. So on this holiday I want us to be clear. Ain’t shit sweet for my cousins. We not going to stop fighting until THEY are back on the forefront where they belong.

To all native and non native riders you know who you are and you know that I love you and will lay my life on the line at anytime for my people and my Cuzzo s!!!

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