Happy Earthstrong Marcus Garvey

Good day to all happy Wednesday especially to all on the grind mentally and physically. I want to give you love support guidance and also to let you know your not alone. We continue to fight on and we have to build or spirit somehow even in times of struggle. Today is Marcus Garvey’s Earthstrong! So I wanted to give love to one of the best leaders to ever grace this planet.

I do have a full blog post on this website about the Honourable Marcus Garvey and his life so please feel free to scroll down and check it out. I want to just be brief and go into what he means to me. You can’t say Pan-Africa without  Garvey. You can’t say black leadership without him. You have to overstand what he bought to the community. A sense of pride , honour and the demand for equal treatment. He tought us that with Africa Unity we are now 100 billion strong and we should look to create our own nation if America will not give us what is owed.

Garvey started the core and many parents of our next leaders came from this camp of Garvites! Elijah Mohammed , Louis Farrakhan, Malcom X, Huey P Newton and many others in the black power movement. He became out of Rastafari our John the Baptist so to speak as he magnified the vision of looking to the east for the king will liberate. That’s when King Selassie came to the forefront.

Thank you Marcus for your courage your strength your power and your drive.  You my not agree with everything he did but at the base you definitely know what time it is .

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