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Gods. All of us

Happy Wednesday to everyone. It’s grind season and the holidays are slowly approaching. The weather can be shit but as reminder continue to always repair your mind body and soul. I wanted to briefly give my thoughts on how we should see each other and most importantly ourselves.

The Bible and The Quran states that  we are “Gods under the most high God”. Now off rip you may think there’s nothing Godly about me . I can see how that perspective is reached because of the reverence we have for the universe. But The most high gave us each a gift of creation and love that we can ultimately do what we feel fit. The ultimate freedom to do what you want to do how you want to do it. The ability to take from the universe what you need and want with proper work. It will be hard but that’s the journey, allowing us to appreciate our accomplishments that much more. So no we are not niggers, bitches, hoes, bums, or whatever name some person wants to call you. You are A God! You can do anything you set your passion to I promise you. Don’t ever let anyone bring you down with their dark reality. Keep pushing until you can’t push anymore.

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