Goals: Fuck your 5 year plan

It’s Thursday and the most high has granted us another day to breathe and feel better. I hope your improving everyday no matter what or who tries to stop you. I wanted to talk about reaching goals for yourself and not listening to outside influences even if they are in close proximity.

The 5 year plan question to me makes 0 sense. Unless you have a mapped out 5 year plan of yourself with financial breakdowns, money that’s sitting in a trust or progressively increasing so you can use as a down payment, or building toward that everyday with dates times, then you definitely don’t have a 5 year plan and you shouldn’t be asking anyone what’s theirs. We have all gone through serious events in our life that can curve that plan or even extend it. The pandemic put the entire world on hold for a bit. Everyone’s plans where pretty much eliminated.

Don’t worry about 5 years. What can you do to increase your life toward your goals within the next 5 days ? Start off with small goals then build. Most importantly don’t listen to anyone. Just because you have a “job” does not mean you have any plan whatsoever. Look out for people who want personal gratification as their own goal. Seems to me these people put themselves first over anything. My goal is to again leave something on this earth that will

Last forever. How can you have a 5 year plan and you don’t know if you will be alive in 5 days ? Anyone asking that needs a reality check on life and probably never dealt with real death around them either. News flash. Life is short and karma is quick. Watch how you move.

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