Get The Fucc Up

Good morning to all reading. Sending vibes and blessings your way. It’s Thursday and it’s another day to improve on something or some aspect of your life. I’m from a place called Buffalo NY and we are bred for be a little bold. Literally you have no choice but to get the fucc up and go get what’s yours . That’s it.

We all have been knocced down, left for dead plenty of times. Don’t think that because someones life maybe harder than yours, that it means they got knocced down more than you so their tougher. Everyone’s journey is very different so for us to judge is quit ignorant. But as corny as it may sound it’s extremely true. You have to continue to get up no matter what struggle is in your way.

Trust me it’s been a trying few years , few months , even weeks. But to those trying to continue to keep me down who are reading. Be clear your not fuccin with me your dealing with Jah, The Most High, Allah, The Creator who knows all. The revenge he takes is swifter than anything I can do. But my job is to get bacc up everytime and let him handle the revenge.

Doesn’t mean don’t defend yourself. But to know if you get a cheap shot or done so dirty you have to really take time to get revenge, don’t. Again I’ve  said it before , let the most high cook. They will be fed a meal of karma that they will never finish.

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