George Washington Carver: Farm Greatness

Happy Thursday to you and yours. I’m sending out good vibes and prayers to everyone. No matter what you are going through, the Most High will prevail. Today I wanted to talk about a man who discovered an amazing plant that we use every day in some form, and that is the peanut and his name is George Washington Carver. He was one of the finest and amazing farmers to grace America.

Carver was born into slavery in the year 1864, out of Diamond, Missouri. His master Moses Carver actually purchased Carvers parents for 700 dollars. Carver father died before he was born and when Carver was was a child l, him and his brother where kidnapped by night raiders from Arkansas. The kids where sold as a trio to Kentucky. Moses Carver hired a team to find George and his brother and they where retuned back to Kansas. Moses and his wife. Susan taught the boys the fundamentals of reading and writing and it was over after that !

Black people where not allowed to attend public school at the time, so George was only 12 and travelled to a school 10 miles away that only served blacks and when he got there he discovered it was closed. So a year later he moved to another foster family in Fort Scott, Kansas and after seeing a black man killed by a mob of white men he quickly left that area.

During these struggles however George had a huge passion for farming. On a level that today would fit right in and would give us so many tips on how to till the land. He applied to many colleges but was denied upon arrival because of his race , not qualifications. He finally after numerous schools became the first black student at Iowa State.

His farming was phenomenal! He manually plowed 17 acres (69,000 m2) of the claim, planting rice, corn, Indian corn and garden produce, as well as various fruit trees, forest trees, and shrubbery. So don’t get it twisted. Babylon tries to just give George flowers for his peanut benefit discovery. Clearly he was a beast in the field and it was scientifically done as well. He developed techniques to improve the depleted soil from the constant Cotten planting. He also introduced the farmers to restoring nitrogen into the soil and also systematic plant rotation.

Carver started becoming a house hold name. Flown across the WORLD to consult with every major farmer possible. He introduced 100s of new crops and developed programs to help other farmers grow them properly. It was the blueprint so to speak.

He is often mistaken for inventing the peanut butter wave. That credit actually goes to the Aztecs. Carver introduced over 105 benefits of the peanut including its use in oil and gas. Many companies quickly took his idea and patented their own butter. Carver was much more than the peanut discovery and as a child that’s all they told us. Then when you get older you see why Babylon hid the truth. It’s pretty clear he was reshaping the farm industry across the world. I couldn’t even list the accomplishments on one page. Once again they hide our leaders greatness. I can’t wait to get a piece of land and go back and learn his philosophies. Thank you Mr Carver! For never giving up !

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