Full Circle: My Visit to the Mohawk Institutional Residential School.

Blessings to all on this lovely beginning of the week. It has been one emotional weekend but a lot of healing took place. I was blessed to also be apart of Ceremony that took place in Oshweken at the “Land of the Dancing Deer”. This one was done by a Mayan Elder who did an amazing job. The people there where from literally every race and ethnicity and even though it was only about 8 people, we came together and filled the atmosphere with thanks and love. I felt very proud to represent my people in the best way. The fire stayed in the west, to me meaning we need to focus and get back to the original aspects that our creator has put forth for us. It was only right that after ceremony, on Father’s Day, and Juneteenth: to go to the Mohawk Residential School and pay my respects.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this amazing life. I have recently paid close attention to all my small blessings that The Most High has granted me. I now can say that Jah has allowed me to go to a Concentration Camp in Germany, a slave yard in Alabama, and now a Residential School in Canada. Walking up to the building there was a light on, once you hit the steps the light goes off. I think it’s more of a sign that the spirits want and need you to remember what really went on there.

To build such a big structure for the sole purpose of mentally killing my native cousin is exactly why it needs to be maintained. You want a big example of the fuccery that Canada tried to hide for years ? Yes, a big sign that sticks out as if to say you will never forget this. I felt the same feelings as my other visits. Spirits, voices, eyes , tears , anger that these kids where not protected. Killed , raped , mentally annihilated, these kids had no chance or no voice. I feel anger more than anything. The fact that those responsible are still free or living makes me want to take Jungle Justice action.

I will go back as much as I can. It was hard to be around because you feel it in the air. The wind, the silence , it’s all about remembering. Babylon you have blood on your hands and karma to pay. I have come full circle and you have left a trail of blood all over the world. I don’t get it . This is why pressure is necessary, Fucc your apologies. Fucc your talk. Action, money, clean water, and culture programs to give the real teachings on to the next generation are necessary. Salute to those who put it down daily you know who you are and I will be forever in your corner. Tired of marching tired of talking. If someone won’t speak for the ancestors then I will.

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