Fuel For The Fire

Good morning to all. It’s been a long few days but things are calm now . I took a break yesterday as I wasn’t feeling the best mentally and decided to find other ways to try to try to heal. Thank you for everyone still supporting me through it all. Mentally I’m getting a little worn out but all of these events continue to make me stronger. I wanted to be brief though and just talk about some fuel for the fire that’s on my mind.

I did an event last night and I drove a pretty good distance for it. Me and even my boy S.A.R.A who killed the stage came to support, came to vibe but that didn’t go as planned. It was clear when it was time to for me to go up and they literally forgot ? Ok first of I’m 6’5 230 pounds of muscle and I’m by the stage supporting everyone and you know who I am so you forgot ? Ok .

Two choices , take it personal make a scene, or look within to say ok I’m going to make you never forget me. Ultimately we all out here working our ass off trying to make our dreams reality. But I know I’m different, I know my style has its own lane and whoever hears me loves it as well. So I want to thank the most High for last nights lesson. No announcements but now enough is fuccing enough. Fuc that. They don’t see u? Then let them fuccin feel u !

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