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Good morning to tall the real. I appreciate everyone for showing love as always. Some days there are a lot of readers other days there little. But I stay consistent to the real ones who support me on all platforms and that truly fuels me and my decisions to keep going. Today is really about what frustration can do to all of us. I know I deal with it a lot. Not to go into detail but its been a rollercoaster the past 2 years maybe even 3 with the pandemic effect and emotional distress. I've experienced a lot of positive but a lot of negative as well. Sometimes it can be hard to get up and do what you know you have to do to stay consistent. I deal with hate coming from people who aren't even aware that I know exactly who it is. When you operate in a King like matter it can be tougher then just dropping revenge.

See the moment I want to get mad at things I see or even go through, I quickly realize that Im not alone. A lot of us have no clue what we are doing, what are life purpose is. Some of us are literally floating day to day and if wasn't for certain things we might end it all. All we can do is keep going. I don't want to leave nothing on this earth when I go to the next life. I want to start something or change something that can shift someone life or lives to the positive way. That's all. I get ridiculed for even doing the music that I'm doing because of age which makes 0 sense when that not even my lane. Its so much more than music. So I know I'm being tested for a reason. Usually its right before greatness drops. I know our time is coming, for all of us. Dont let frustration take you out of preparation for your universal blessing when it comes.

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