Free Yourself

Happy Friday to all. I hope your week was productive and peaceful. If not I’m sending prayers and vibes to everyone who’s reading this. It’s been a long week and mentally difficult as well. I wanted to just do a brief blog on being yourself fully to gain that self freedom.

In Rastafari, we truly believe that the rejection of world standards is the first step to real freedom. The Nazarene Oath has these aspects all through it. You go into a level of higher mental awareness like never before. You don’t care what the outside world thinks. You only care what the creator feels and how he guides you through this journey. When you interact with people or maybe hear rumours about yourself that are untrue; you want revenge , you want to fight back , you want to clear your name. However when your free you don’t even have to speak especially when you stand on truth. I learned that fully this past year.

Trust in the universe is also essential as well. You have to have faith that the worldly outlook is just that..worldly. It’s not even the reality of life. You have to literally put in faith into everything you do and stay consistent. That’s it . The blessings will come and you will feel genuine about it as well. Knowing that you didn’t fold on the sheep like behaviour. Hold the faith that is inside of you.

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