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Forgiveness is Tough

Happy middle of the week to you and yours. Hope all is well on your journey. I really hope that you can find some peace and understanding today as it’s been tough around these times for the masses of people. One thing that I have learned to get better at is forgiveness.

I wasn’t even going to reason on this today but after doing my daily reading through my books, it became clear what the universe wanted me to talk about. Not going to lie and say I’m a huge fan of forgiveness. Not to say that if anything is done to me by mistake or even maliciously that i always fire back. However if your raised a certain way, in an environment where you have no choice but to man up or shut up , it can be hard to forgive someone after they have violated you.

I hate getting to personal on here because most of the people who read this most likely know me or have had an experience with me no make their on assement of who I am. So there’s no need to go into how hard it is to forgive after some of things that where done. Nor do I ever victimize myself in any way because someone else out there is going through a whole lot worse. When your done dirty in anyway form your emotions take full control as any normal human being would. The choice between revenge and waking away comes into factor. It’s truly an internal war.

There are times you must defend yourself I will say that. Clearly there are instances of instinct reaction that comes in a form of protection. Everyone needs to protect themselves from toxicity as much as possible. There people who inside know they are miserable and do nothing bad spew evil in every shape possible. They have all day and night to put effort into trying to Fuc with peoples lives. So why should they be forgiven right ? It’s for you not them.

It’s the hardest thing I ever had to do but it was necessary from my own mental stability. I mean to plot scheme on the perfect revenge can feel satisfying and even if you put it in motion can feel even better. But I lean on Allah to fight this battle. His protection and revenge you may not see it, but the other person will feel it. It may not come when you want it or even for a long time , but the karma is coming. Keep your heart clean. Forgive YOURSELF as well. We know who we are inside. Don’t let anyone manipulate your mind into thinking less of you. I’m Forgive them. The battle is not ours but we can relax knowing that we will continue to rise above.

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