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For the Children

Good morning, good evening , good night and all of that. I appreciate everyone so much for supporting me through and through. The love is real and it keeps me going on the daily. Today I can’t just go on and not talk about the real. The senseless massive shooting acts, but the fake political nonsense being portrayed infuriates me beyond belief.

Getting word that during this massacre in Texas, that police came, got their kids out of harms ways first, then it took 91 minutes to respond and in essence when they pulled up they didn’t go right in to protect. What kind of bitch made police force is that ? And what chance does any kid or any citizen have during these events when the cops all off suddenly turn selfish and pussy? You clearly have more guns more people and I would think more training ? What’s the problem here.

I’ll fuccin tell you. See the town where this horrendous event occurred is about 60 miles from the border of Mexico. Most of the teachers and students speak both languages fluently. You think it’s ironic…that it took 91 minutes to respond all of a sudden. Do you think for one second that it would take 91 minutes in any suburban school? Hmmmm I wonder why ? I’m clearly being sarcastic as fucc. But to not protect kids and especially my Mexican cousins isn’t some coincidence. I’m tired of the treatment being different even to the kids of colour.

“When is someone going to do something?!” Right ? But you forget, the same law makers, protecting guns, protecting rights, are shifting it to mental health. Fuccin stop it. Yes, everyone deserve protection, but if your young, mentally ill, you should NEVER get to hold a weapon. The same lawmakers will not address gun control they will go to mental health, and more guns will be bought.

You want difference Babylon then go fix it. It’s blood on your hands it’s your people making the sick laws and it’s you who needs to resolve but you won’t. Nothing will happen. There was a certain group of people who continue to pacify these events. This is about business to them and rattling the cage of some extreme gun owners is not what they want to do.

I’ll tell you how to change the gun law ready ? Every black, brown, native, and asian person go register or purchase a firearm. Watch how Babylon reacts. You let kids die for nothing. The most high is seeing all of this. It won’t go without a reaction.

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